Coco Cabana

I come down from a mountain, find my raft and paddle in a winding river. I leave Chile satisfied, but also scared. The power of the volcano that can easily and quickly turn its beauty into deadly fiery lava is constantly in my head. As if I am trapped between fire and water. According to the previous plan I need to get down along the coast of the Fire Land (Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego), the most southern point of the American continent and then to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in order to reach Africa, more exactly to come to the Ivory Coast. So, again fire and the vast ocean wait for me. For the first time since the beginning of the journey I am thinking of an idea that mustn’t occur in the mind of sailors – I am thinking to give up.
I sail slowly and indifferently along the coast of Chile which is too long. Even very beautiful landscapes I am passing through cannot bring me joy. As I approach the Fire Land, the desire to drop the anchor overrides the desire for navigation and discovering. It is getting cooler. The south polar cap is close. Wind helps sails, but not me. I arrive to the Fire Land. Luckily, I will not have to go very far south. I’ll shorten the journey. Again I am passing by many islands to enter the wide Strait of Magellan. In my head I have no more thoughts, I just want to stop and rest. Soon I will enter the Atlantic Ocean, and then new troubles follow.

Ivory Coast - Tai National Park

Suddenly the impression that I'm not alone overwhelmed me. That someone is watching me. But I have not seen people for several months, ever since leaving the Red Crater. I close my eyes and try to concentrate. Am I going crazy? Did I give myself a too big task? I open my eyes and see a bearded man with an unusual hat sitting at the other end of the raft. He mumbles something in a language unfamiliar to me. It seems that he’s looking into the distance with melancholy. I'm sweating even though it is very cold. The man turns his head and looks at me straight in the eyes. He begins to talk. I recognize the Portuguese language but do not understand anything although I studied Portuguese which is, I suppose, the obligation of every serious sailor. After a few seconds I understand what he is saying.
"If we were giving up easily we would still think that the whole world is 100 kilometers around our house. You're a sailor, your mission is to go into the unknown and explore in the name of humanity", a bearded ghost says. I reply nothing. I cannot open my mouth. However, his words sober me. My thoughts clear up and I realize that I'm sailing with Ferdinand Magellan, the famous navigator and the first European who crossed the Pacific Ocean and sailed around the earth. No, I did not go crazy. My subconscious helps me. It evoked the man who will give me the strength and extend consolation. I'm trying to explain to him how I feel, but Magellan shows me with his hand to be silent. "All great sailors, regardless of when and how they sailed are one being, a great mind, who has one goal: to sail into the unknown. Every time you get in trouble some of us will help you. And remember - you are a great navigator", said Magellan and again turned his head to watch the passage named after him. He was proud.

I recalled the Portuguese explorer every time I became discouraged. But only sometimes while I was sailing along the eastern coast of South America, along the coast of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. And more often as I was crossing the ocean. Together we came to the Ivory Coast. I leave my raft in San Pedro and head north, some hundred kilometers from the port is the Tai National Park. I am looking for elephants the number of which is unfortunately lower every day. Poachers have almost destroyed the population of elephants, of course, because of the famous white ivory. It does not suit Magellan that we’re going away from the coast. However, he is here on his own. It was the Portuguese who discovered the Ivory Coast in the 16th century, and he passed near the coast on the way around the world.
Fantastic nature is greeting me, or better to say, us. Incredible richness of flora and fauna and surreal tropical forests leave a strong impression on all visitors. I'm going out of the woods and I see several elephants in the green plains, by the water. I sit beside a tree so I wouldn’t bother them. Magellan is next to me. What animals. Powerful and enormous. On the crest of that country is an elephant. I found what I wanted and I am coming back to the coast. I settle into a traditional cabana, a small house with a roof covered with cane. The beverage I was looking for in this country is waiting for me there - white Tiki Coco Cabana. It is time to drown all troubles and problems. Mixed flavors of coconut, pineapple and bananas remind of Africa, and the white color reminds of everything in connection to this country, which is known for amazing diamonds as well. I talk with the alter ego, Magellan.

“The color white associates me of foam made by the waves. White represents perfection, purity, innocence, light, simplicity ... All these associations are of the waves that last short and are uncatchable. "
In the Ivory Coast 82 languages are spoken. Some are used in institutions, while others are close to extinction. On the “kwa” language the word for white is “nyeupe”, reads “neoopea”. Magellan learned
Soon I realize that the famous navigator from the 16th century will leave me, but I know that someone else will appear to encourage me. From Africa I go to Europe, from where many famous explorers begun their journeys. Soon I move on a new adventure, this time full of enthusiasm in quest for new tastes.

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Tiki flavours

Tiki is made from carefully selected various fruit, it will leave you breathless. Each flavour tells its own special story, you have to try them all !
Aloha 'Rita
Goodbye boredom; Hello Aloha ‘Rita ! Tasty Margarita with lime.
Tropical Sunrise
Whole day on the beach? Treat yourself with a Tropical Sunrise. Delicious mix of tasty mango, orange and pineapple.
Sunset Beach
Give yourself away to Sunset Beach. Refreshing mix of juicy red orange and grapefruit.
Paradise Passion
Give your sense of taste a treat with Paradise Passion. Juicy taste of mango, peach and marakuja.
Coco Cabana
Nothing can relax you like Coco Cabana. Tasty mix of coconut, banana and juicy pineapple.
Seaside Bliss
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Lush Blush
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Heavenly Crush
Give yourself to Heavenly Crush. Explosion of satisfying refreshment with mango, red orange, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange.
Island Breeze
Take a vacation with Island Breeze. Sweet beverage full of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry.
Blue Lagoon
Jump into unknown with Blue Lagoon. Discover luxurious taste of pineapple and coconut.

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