Lush Blush

I'm on the way from the second to the first most populous country in the world. I'm very excited. I'm leaving the inland part of India, but remain in its waters, to the far south. Then I visit Sri Lanka and enter the huge Bay of Bengal, the road leads me to Sumatra, Malaysia and further to the coast of Vietnam. And I come to China. I disembark very quickly and for the first time in this Tiki adventure I start a journey that takes me deep into the mainland. Two thousand kilometers away from the sea. For every old salt and without false modesty I can call me so, this journey is not easy. I leave the sea and the raft. It's not easy to me, but I am not doing all of that without a reason. I'll see something one must see. A miracle of nature, in the full sense of the word.
Since traveling by train or some other land transport would last too long, I decide for the first time and only time in the Tiki adventure, to take a plane. I do not like it, as I’m betraying a principle which I have established - to tour the world on a raft. However, in order to achieve the objective it is necessary to change the basic plan. In India, I traveled by train and in China, well, by plane. According to me, I quickly reach my destination, the north of central China, the province of Gansu and more precisely in the city of Zhangye. Southeast of the city there is a mountain called Qilian. At only 40 kilometers from the city the “Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park” is located, the place because of which I went so far from the sea.

China - Zhangye

At first sight the colorful mountains are breathtaking. Also, they are really colorful. Not as in some paintings which are obviously finished, by adding color, but for such interventions really there is no need because the rocks are certainly fascinating. All colors are there, and dark red dominates. As if I'm walking on a large three-dimensional artistic canvas. As I walk along the colorful waves, which move slowly. The game of color and light is amazing.
From the top of one of the numerous hills, and the mountain range covers an area of 400 square kilometers, a surreal look extends so I decide to rest there. I imagine that I am the tip of a brush controlled by a painter, some master of abstract expressionism. Everything is possible here; at least it seems so to me now. From the backpack I take a dark red Tiki drink – “Lush Blush”. With that juicy blush I can draw one small line and so contribute to the color. However, I decide to drink a Tiki beverage with the taste of raspberry. On this trip I learned something as well. Geologists told me that the word “danxia” describes a unique type of geological formation which is created under internal and external influence, mainly by erosion.

They explain that these mountains and hills were created after a long period of erosion, wind and running water impact. Danxia formations were assembled from red sandstone. Hence the dark-red color. Other colors, and there are many, are obtained from organic sediments. That's why I'm looking now at the colorful patterns: blue, yellow, orange, green, white, black and gray ... The experts tell me that the colors change as the years pass. Depending on weather conditions the colors fluctuate constantly. If I would come next year again, I would see differently nuanced patterns. Scientists believe that the danxia topography was formed as a result of displacement of the earth's crust. The whole process took millions of years. Amazing, I admit.
Dark red color dominates the landscape, or in Chinese 綪 (pronounced “chiea”, although I'm not sure if I heard it correctly). In China, the color of red always carries a positive message, regardless of whether it relates to loyalty, honor, courage, justice, happiness or life itself. This color is indispensable in every celebration, from the New Year to various holidays, family gatherings. Children are given red gifts because they bring luck. While red color and motifs of unusual mountains flicker before my eyes, I leave this magical landscape and move towards the last Tiki destination.

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Sunset Beach
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Paradise Passion
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Coco Cabana
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Seaside Bliss
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Lush Blush
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Heavenly Crush
Give yourself to Heavenly Crush. Explosion of satisfying refreshment with mango, red orange, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange.
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Blue Lagoon
Jump into unknown with Blue Lagoon. Discover luxurious taste of pineapple and coconut.

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