Paradise passion

I have never been in Madagascar. I listened to many stories, looked at pictures, but the road never lead me to that island. When I planned the Tiki trip Madagascar was on top of the list. This time, I simply could not miss that destination. And now I'm ready to go to the strange island.
Rested, I am leaving Istanbul, the city which I always leave different, but I don’t have a lot of time for settling impressions. A long and hard journey awaits me. I'm going south, along the coast of Turkey and then I come to Cyprus and from there to the coast of Lebanon and Israel. I enter the waters of Egypt, and soon I arrive to the Suez Canal. Again I have to "push" among large ships, provided that this time I am so passing the entire 163 kilometers. I'm making a little longer break on the coast of the Great Bitter Lake in order to preserve the little remaining concentration to pass through the southern part of the Canal. After a lot of trouble I come to the city after which the Canal is named. I enter into the Red Sea. While going south I am watching the coast of Egypt, Eritrea and small Djibouti. This is where I leave the Red Sea and enter the Gulf of Aden. The way further leads me along the coast of Somalia and Kenya, then Tanzania and Mozambique. I am sailing a few hundred kilometers more in the open sea, my favorite discipline, and arrive in a wonderful land. Some ecologists say that Madagascar is the eighth continent because this island is separated from the mainland for so long that the flora and fauna developed on their own, differently than anywhere else on the Earth. Endemic species are not uncommon, but the rule in

Bobasakoa - Madagascar

Of all the wonders of this island I decided to see a spider. Yes, a not just any spider. I disembark near the town of Bobasakoa, located in the northeast of the island. The Amber Mountain National Park is located twenty kilometers away. Walking is exhausting: rainforest, humidity, strange creatures all around. I'm already well entered into the territory of the national park. It seems to me that I am lost. But, skilled rangers find me soon. I am sure that without their help I would not know how to get back to the raft. However, it is not the time to whine. The rangers lead me through the forest. We're looking for or rather they are looking for a spider. It is not an easy job. These people know exactly what they are doing. After a few hours of wandering they stop. They show me to look at the big web knitted ​​in the dense vegetation. I am approaching and see the spider – the Golden silk orb-weaver - Nephila inaurata.  A giant yellow and black spider elegantly polishes his web. They say that it’s almost completely blind and that it’s only able to detect changes in light. It does not react to my presence. The rangers move away and leave me with this strange animal. I sit on my backpack and open the golden yellow Tiki - Paradise Passion. The flavor is unusual as well as the island itself. Peach and mango are mixed with “the fruit of passion” or passion fruit. It is almost impossible to explain the flavor with words, one must try it.

While sipping the fantastic Paradise Passion I am thinking about that exactly spiders of this species and perhaps this spider knitted 1.2 million web threads from which a dress of naturally bright golden color is made. I saw the dress live in London at the “Victoria & Albert” museum. The fabric of the dress was four meters long, and the relatives of this spider were collected by 80 people during five years. As I was explained in London, spiders were collected each morning and tied to special small wooden boards to knit there. At the same time 24 female spiders were working and after each day they were returned to nature. After five years of hard work, of both people and spiders, enough threads were obtained to connect into a big linen for a dress.
Still I am looking at the spider and thinking about gold color. Power, authority, success, triumph, prosperity, luxury, quality, prestige and elegance are the main associations of that color. At the time of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) the British Parliament passed a law stipulating that certain gold-colored clothing can only be worn by the dukes, duchesses, marquises, marquises, earls and countesses. This spider is apparently not interested in all of this. He knits a web not for someone to sew a dress, but to catch something for lunch.

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Tiki flavours

Tiki is made from carefully selected various fruit, it will leave you breathless. Each flavour tells its own special story, you have to try them all !
Aloha 'Rita
Goodbye boredom; Hello Aloha ‘Rita ! Tasty Margarita with lime.
Tropical Sunrise
Whole day on the beach? Treat yourself with a Tropical Sunrise. Delicious mix of tasty mango, orange and pineapple.
Sunset Beach
Give yourself away to Sunset Beach. Refreshing mix of juicy red orange and grapefruit.
Paradise Passion
Give your sense of taste a treat with Paradise Passion. Juicy taste of mango, peach and marakuja.
Coco Cabana
Nothing can relax you like Coco Cabana. Tasty mix of coconut, banana and juicy pineapple.
Seaside Bliss
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Lush Blush
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Heavenly Crush
Give yourself to Heavenly Crush. Explosion of satisfying refreshment with mango, red orange, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange.
Island Breeze
Take a vacation with Island Breeze. Sweet beverage full of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry.
Blue Lagoon
Jump into unknown with Blue Lagoon. Discover luxurious taste of pineapple and coconut.

10 flavours for 100% fun.