Sunset Beach

My voyage towards a new Tiki beverage takes me to Spain. I’m looking for the orange Tiki, Sunset Beach flavor, and it’s not hiding on the beach as expected, but in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Before I reach my destination I must sail along the shore of western Africa. From the Ivory Coast I set off for the waters of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea–Bissau, then Senegal and Gambia and Senegal again as I pass by the famous Dakar. Next I see only the sea and the deserted coast of Mauritania and Morocco. I pass by the Gibraltar, but I will visit the Pillars of Hercules in the next adventure. Now I head north to the Gulf of Cadiz.
I reach the confluence of the Rio Guadalquivir River and I sail slowly on my raft upstream to Seville. The trip on the river is 100 kilometers long and it’s not easy to pass, but fresh water always delights me. I tie my raft a couple of hundred meters away from my target. I arrive just in time for the sunset. After a few steps on solid ground I can scent the smell of oranges. I’m walking through Maria Luisa Park and all of a sudden on the Plaza de España a fantastic semicircular structure appears in front of me. The orange color of the facade is even more intense due to the reflection of the sun setting. I’m walking on the paved square and approaching a canal. Under one of the bridges one Tiki awaits me, the Tiki I have thought about since I left Africa. The mixture of red orange and grapefruit make the whole sight surreal. Thoughts race into my mind. I must sit on the stairs of the bridge. I indulge myself into the color and flavor.

Seville - Spain

I can’t stand it anymore. I must call the spirit of Christopher Columbus, the famous sailor from Cadiz (located 120 kilometers south of Seville) and who sailed for America in 1492. One of the two Columbus’s graves with four guard statues is located in that town. The Spanish swear that the sailor is buried in Seville. The same is claimed in the Dominican Republic, where they say that he is buried in the cathedral in Santo Domingo. After discovering the new continent Seville has become the gateway to the New world. The king gave this town monopoly in trade with colonies. Spanish galleons sailed from Seville and returned full of gold and silver. In a few decades the town became one of the largest and most advanced in Europe.
Even though the Plaza de España was built in 1929 for the World Fair, the reflects the spirit of the past centuries. The architect Aníbal González apparently loved this orange color which overflows me from everywhere. As if I’m in another world. I’m observing the big plateau with a fountain, little bridges over the canal, gondolas and then again the terracotta palace decorated with ceramics in Moorish style.

Orange color combines the energy of red and happiness of the yellow color. This is exactly how I feel: full of Tiki energy and happy that I managed to arrive to this amazing square. All of these characteristics of the orange color are mixed up in me: enthusiasm, enchantment, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement… I’ll begin my journey to the next destination full of good vibes…

There is not much time until the sunset and rest. But there is enough time though to recall the Spanish word for this color “naranja”. This color and the spirit of the Spanish Square can be seen in Lawrence of Arabia and two Star Wars movies - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately, I don’t have the aircrafts as the heroes of these movies, but not far my good old raft awaits me for another Tiki adventure…

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Tiki flavours

Tiki is made from carefully selected various fruit, it will leave you breathless. Each flavour tells its own special story, you have to try them all !
Aloha 'Rita
Goodbye boredom; Hello Aloha ‘Rita ! Tasty Margarita with lime.
Tropical Sunrise
Whole day on the beach? Treat yourself with a Tropical Sunrise. Delicious mix of tasty mango, orange and pineapple.
Sunset Beach
Give yourself away to Sunset Beach. Refreshing mix of juicy red orange and grapefruit.
Paradise Passion
Give your sense of taste a treat with Paradise Passion. Juicy taste of mango, peach and marakuja.
Coco Cabana
Nothing can relax you like Coco Cabana. Tasty mix of coconut, banana and juicy pineapple.
Seaside Bliss
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Lush Blush
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Heavenly Crush
Give yourself to Heavenly Crush. Explosion of satisfying refreshment with mango, red orange, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange.
Island Breeze
Take a vacation with Island Breeze. Sweet beverage full of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry.
Blue Lagoon
Jump into unknown with Blue Lagoon. Discover luxurious taste of pineapple and coconut.

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