Tropical Sunrise

Leaving colorful Chinese mountains I fly back to the coast. Luckily, my raft survived even without my control. I'm packing and move towards the Philippines, passing by many islands and going further south. The journey is long, but I do not move away from the coast. I come to New Guinea and from there I go to Australia. I sail further east along the coast of that country / continent. In the open sea, I'm going to the country of the long white cloud. After sailing 2.000 kilometers I reach the far north of New Zealand - the last place on the planet that is settled. Right there I will end my Tiki voyage.
A beach 80 kilometers long offers me the opportunity to ground the raft anywhere. I go to the lighthouse and come to the final destination - Cape Reinga. It's the place where the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea meet. We clearly see the line of the “collision” of these two giants. Cape Reinga is particularly important to the Maori because they believe that souls of their deceased pass into the underworld here. That's why they called it “place of the departed”. Maori believe that the souls of the dead jump from the pohutukawa, an 800 year old tree, to begin the final journey to Hawaiki, distant land of eternal peace.

New Zealand Reinga Cape

And it’s me who now stands on this sacred Maori land. It isn’t a wonder that Cape Reinga was chosen for the point of transition from one world into another. The beauty of the landscape offers hope and consolation. At the same time, for the Maori this was a fantastic end of the world, and an amazing end of my trip. I chose Cape Reinga to complete the Tiki adventure in order to introduce you to the mythological figure that was my inspiration for the journey. Yes, I'm talking about Tiki, the first man in Maori mythology. In one of the many versions, Tiki, as the first and only man on the island was lonely and longed for companionship. One day he looked at the calm water of the lake. He saw his reflection and thought he had found a fellow sufferer. He tried to touch that other person, but the water was choppy and the reflection was gone. Tiki was disappointed.
He fell asleep beside the lake. When he woke up he saw the reflection again and destroyed it by touch. Then he decided to fill in the lake with earth in order to destroy the illusion. There was no more reflection, but from the wet soil the first woman - Marikoriko was created. Thus began the story of the Maori and Tiki the Creator, ancestor of all humans, birds and fish.

I came here to feel, at the source, the true spirit of Tiki. Although I’m not a part of that culture, I understand what the Maori are talking about. In order to survive on the isolated island they had to make up stories in order to explain all the mysteries of the world. As Tiki I make up stories as well. I sail the world's seas and talk about unknown areas and miracles. So I create my own world.

Unfortunately, the last day of the trip passed. All night I was thinking about Tiki and the Maori. The sun appeared on the horizon that is painted yellow, yellow as a lemon. This color can only be seen from Cape Reinga. It's time to open and drink my last Tiki beverage - Tropical Sunrise. The yellow Tiki brings me a mix of mango, orange and pineapple flavors. I'm sure the first man would love it, who would tell me that everything around us is “kowhai” - yellow. At the end of the world, where reality and the supernatural meet, I finish the big Tiki voyage. Be sure this is not the end. Thor the Adventurer will surely, at least once more, surprise you. I'll see you in some new adventure...

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Tiki flavours

Tiki is made from carefully selected various fruit, it will leave you breathless. Each flavour tells its own special story, you have to try them all !
Aloha 'Rita
Goodbye boredom; Hello Aloha ‘Rita ! Tasty Margarita with lime.
Tropical Sunrise
Whole day on the beach? Treat yourself with a Tropical Sunrise. Delicious mix of tasty mango, orange and pineapple.
Sunset Beach
Give yourself away to Sunset Beach. Refreshing mix of juicy red orange and grapefruit.
Paradise Passion
Give your sense of taste a treat with Paradise Passion. Juicy taste of mango, peach and marakuja.
Coco Cabana
Nothing can relax you like Coco Cabana. Tasty mix of coconut, banana and juicy pineapple.
Seaside Bliss
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Lush Blush
Getaway from everyday routine with Seaside Bliss. Crunchy mix of pomegranade and blueberry with full mouth of taste.
Heavenly Crush
Give yourself to Heavenly Crush. Explosion of satisfying refreshment with mango, red orange, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and orange.
Island Breeze
Take a vacation with Island Breeze. Sweet beverage full of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry.
Blue Lagoon
Jump into unknown with Blue Lagoon. Discover luxurious taste of pineapple and coconut.

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